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    Unhappy compile error

    I don't know if I posted in the good thread but I couldn't find a "help thread"


    I downloaded the code blocks compiler and i pressed F9 to see the "program" before writing in it ~ but when I pressed F9 it gave me this error

    "name - Debug" uses an invalid compiler. Skipping...
    Nothing to be done.

    when creating the project at some point I had to choose between debug or release or both - the error it's the same even if I choose release

    can anyone help ?

    //also want to mention that this code blocks version is newer then the one in the picture tutorial so i have a few extra options that weren't in the version from the pics

    edit: thanks I will try at their forums
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    Code::Blocks is an IDE that works with many compilers, it's not a compiler... The mistake is that you did not specify the correct settings for the compiler you want to use (most likely the directory it is located).

    This does not belong here, because it's not really a C++ question. You should refer to the Code::Blocks forums instead

    Speaking of which, I highly recommend Code::Blocks to anyone who wants to use a free, portable, flexible and powerful C, C++ (and not only) IDE that isn't as bloated as Visual Studio. It lets you use a few supported compilers, including GCC.

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    What is the IDE you are using?

    Code::Blocks should be fine way to compile things. Even DEvC++ is that what you're using?

    Perhaps you downloaded the IDE but clicked "no" to download the mingw compiler.
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