Thread: algorithms over vector: offsets or iterators for speed?

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    algorithms over vector: offsets or iterators for speed?


    If I have
    std::vector<SomeNode> NodeList;
    and a hand written algorithm which does most of the time throw around some kind of references to the nodes inside nodelist (store, delete, compare, sort, move, de-reference the references).

    What is faster: using offset as reference into the vector or better use iterators?

    I'm not sure.
    While using offsets I'm doomed to always have one indirection.
    But are iterators really faster? I know in VS2005 they are of class type (at least in debug mode) to allow a lot of run time checks. What happens in release? are they plain pointers there?

    Thank you!

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    Basically they're about the same. There a why one might be a smidgen faster than the other on certain processors, but basically there isn't any noticeable difference.

    You should prefer to use iterators though because it more easily allows for a change of container type.
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    there should be 2 other points for using iterators
    -they can be made const
    -I can rely on iterator debugging in debug mode

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