Thread: Does anyone know how to program drivers for HP laptop quick launch buttons?

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    Does anyone know how to program drivers for HP laptop quick launch buttons?

    I've recently got a HP dv7t laptop. I am having some problems with the quick launch buttons (buttons located right below the monitor to control speaker, fasf forward, back, play, stop, wireless enable/disable, etc...). They worked perfectly fine when I had vista on it. Now, I have Windows 7 installed on it, and the buttons don't work as it should. Specifically, the mute button (it should be lit orange when sound muted and white when not muted) is always lit orange whether I mute the sound or not. This bothers the crap out of me.

    So I was wondering if any of you have any experience with a situation like this. I wanted to write a driver for the quick launch buttons for Windows 7 OS. Is it feasible at all? I don't have much experience with writing drivers for hardwares, so I just wanted to hear what you guys think. I don't work for HP, so I unfortunately don't have access to the source codes for Vista version of the driver. I am considering this after many failed attemtps to make the panel working by installing the Vista version of driver with multiple windwos 7 compatibility settings, unisntall/reinstall, and etc... By the way, I got a 64-bit OS installed. I suppoes drivers are usually written in low level c/c++ these days? Do they use assembly for this kind of thing anymore? I'd appreciate your comments!
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    I expect HP has a utility to handle these buttons - it probably isn't strictly a driver (although there may be a driver component as part of it).

    It is HIGHLY likely that the Vista driver (or even XP driver) works for W7 too.

    Writing drivers for this sort of thing shouldn't be a HUGE task if you have the documentation, but with no documentation, you will have a hard time even figuring out what the buttons do (that is, how does the machine know the button was pressed (Interrupt?), where in the memory/IO space do you look for which button, etc, etc).

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