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    Question OpenGL and VC8

    I've tried to pull out some OpenGL C++ code in VC8, with the use of glut.h, and I can't seem to get the thing to open glut.h right. I know that most IDE's and stuff tend to put glut.h in directory GL, therefore making you have to include <GL/glut.h>, but that's not exactly working here. Furthermore I've tried to find where they did put the file and have had so little success that I'm not even sure it comes with VC8.

    Then I tried to pull out g++ and all that from the internet to remedy this issue, but everybody wants to zip it in these tar.gz files, which won't work on my XP.

    Does glut.h come with VC8? If so, how do I get it included right? If not so, how can I remedy this on a run-of-the-mill XP?


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    I don't use the compiler (I use ol dev-c++), but when I use glut.h, I have to manually link the library. I couldn't just include the header file.

    Also, can't you just go to your compilers directory and look for glut.h?
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