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    Central Tendency Assignment

    Once again, i am completely lost

    can someone help me start off this assignment?

    Assignment Guidelines:

    Calculates mean, median, mode, range, and standard deviation
    Has a variable size array

    Fills the array with random numbers

    Sorts the array

    Formatted and commented correctly

    Extra Credit:

    Gives the user the option of sorting with bubble, insertion, and selection sort
    Research and include a different sort algorithm than what has been discussed in class.

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    Break it down into sub problems.

    1. make an array
    2. Fill with random numbers
    3. Sort the array
    4. Calculate mean
    5. Calculate median
    6. Calculate mode
    7. Calculate range
    8. Calculate standard deviation

    Work on them one at a time and build up to the finished program.

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    If you need help w/ the sorting part, this is probably one of the best sorting tutorials I've found on the web.

    Eternally Confuzzled - The Art of Sorting

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    are u in mr sands class? who is this? i need a lotta help of this assignment too. i can't find the mode

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    I would start here:
    int main()
    You make an attempt and then we give you a gentle nudge.
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