Thread: VS9 Breakpoint a dependency?

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    VS9 Breakpoint a dependency?

    I'm working with a PhysX wrapper, and a line is generating an exception error that I believe has nothing to do with my own code. The error is occurring somewhere in the wrapper project. I added the wrapper's project file to my solution and set my project as a dependency, but I still can't set breakpoints outside of my own project.

    Is there any way I can break point inside a function that is contained in another project within the same solution?

    I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.


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    I've never had any issue setting a breakpoint anywhere, whether in my own code or not. If the other project was compiled with symbols then you should be able to break at a specific function. Otherwise you will have to break at a virtual address.

    Can you describe your problem in more detail?
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    My problem was that I forgot to change the paths in my new project in order to reflect the new relative path of the NxOgre library. Once I fixed that all and changed out the DLL, it lets me set breakpoints just fine.

    Thanks, something clicked after I read your reply a couple times! ^_^

    Now hopefully I'll be able to figure out whats causing the exception, or at least pass more info to the guys at NxOgre.

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