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    Smile swapping code

    I have to write a block of code that swaps the input !!
    Be gentle on me I am new at this!!

    int num1, num2;
    cout << "Please enter two values:";
    cin >> num1, num2

    This is where I get lost, I have been told you can use a swap function??!!

    cout << "Number " << num1 << "\nnum2: <<num2<<endl;
    is what my output has to look like

    Any kind soul that has some direction for me....I would greatly appreciate it!!!!

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    Can you at least try?

    I'll give you a hint... Use a temporary variable as storage.

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    a little more

    swap(&a, &b);

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    that swapping thing works? if he went swap(&num1, &num2) it would swap it? weird...

    i always do

    int temp;

    temp = num1;
    num1 = num2;
    num2 = temp;

    that swaps it

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    same thing paro

    I'm sure he is talking about a use defined function, without giving away too much detail

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    I thank you all for all the input. My teacher is great but sometimes he has us do something before we actually learn it. I looked through my book and the c++ for dummies and they both look very different so I guess that is what confused me....Thanks again!!!

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