i downloaded a demo piece of code that i would like to get working. i am not sure how to get this working.
it is a console program but the way it is set up is with void winmaina(void). when it is compiled i get the error
" [Linker error] undefined reference to `WinMain@16' " so looking at the file.h gives this line.
#pragma comment(linker,"/ENTRY:WinMainA")
#pragma comment(linker,"/NODEFAULTLIB")
what is the correct #pragma for devcpp ? or what needs to be done to get it to work with devcpp.

this code also has exchange functions from the cpp lib so how do i get the compiler to look at the functions
in the code and not the standard lib ? also note that it uses the .h and not the cpp headers. the demo code came
with the source code that i am trying to compile and a working file.exe that works. i would like to understand
what the orginal programmer was doing to compile the the working file.exe . it was compiled orginaly with microandsoft developer studio.

under project i put win gui instead of console. if i put console it give undefined winmain. it came with .dsp and .dsw files.
reading through both files did not help.

void	WinMainA(void)
//Local variables
	LPSTR		lpstrCmdLine;				//Buffer for command line
	int			intCommand;					//What to do?
//Exchange for [memset] function from c++ default library
void	_memset			(void* output,int value,int len)
			*(unsigned char*)output=(unsigned char)value;
static void __cdecl	xtoa(unsigned long val,char *buf,unsigned radix,int is_neg)
	char*		p;
and other functions.

note that is not a typeo winmaina and winmain both used or called. winmain i think is called by the file.h
and winmaina is in file.cpp