Thread: have some difficulty compiling a project

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    have some difficulty compiling a project

    hello all. ive got a little problem here! i have a source code which is

    actualy a PEdumper developed by Matt Pietrek 1994-2001, well i cant get

    it to compile! it just gives an error concerning this line(line 472 in

    szDebugFormat = (debugDir->Type <= IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_OMAP_FROM_SRC )
                            ? SzDebugFormats[debugDir->Type] : "????";
    invalid conversion from const char* to CHAR* ,having said that, it seems

    to be refering to "SzDebugFormats[debugDir->Type]", this source code used

    to compile well!, why should it now generate such error?i mean it used to

    work and now it doesnt!( im using GCC, Mingw3.4 from CodeBlocks)
    and how can i fix it?
    the rest of the codes seem to be working so far.
    by the way why do it get the error
    " Unable to start program'C:\Documents and settings\Master\MyDocuments\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\Dissassembler\Debug\Dissassembler.ex e'

    The system cannot find the file specified!"
    whenever i try to compile it under visual studio? ( i have the same

    problem with another project too!)
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    it seems the code has problems with const correctness.

    if you cannot change the variable/function types to use correct types - add the const_cast to add/remove const qualifier where you get warnings
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