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    I've read your FAQ and tried your "how to include a picture file" and when I tried to compile the software it said it had 4 errors in it...what can I do?
    I would like this if possible, I'm not asking you to do it, I'm asking you to show me and to please if you can with C++ comments
    (// comment) explain to me what which line represents.
    I would want image title.bmp (in same directory as .exe) to appear when program is started if screen resolution=1024x768 or title2.bmp (again in same directory) if screen resolution is 800x600 + (so I can quit) when you press the (e) key on your keyboard you exit the program. So I get the idea of how to represent a picture, of the if statement with screen resolutions, and of a key to exit.
    Also is it possible to have more than the 256 colors of the VGA palette?
    Because my pictures are sometimes complicated...


    By the way, I'm trying to make a sort of Tetris (people told me it was the best to begin)...I seem to have a long way to go

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    Me again

    c:\mydocu~1\untitl~1.cpp:6: syntax error before `*'
    c:\mydocu~1\untitl~1.cpp: In function `void VGAScreen()':
    c:\mydocu~1\untitl~1.cpp:10: aggregate `union REGS r' has incomplete type and cannot be initialized
    c:\mydocu~1\untitl~1.cpp:13: confused by earlier errors, bailing out


    I am under Win Me and I use Dev-C++ 4


    There is only one sort of code...

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    >>c:\mydocu~1\untitl~1.cpp:10: aggregate `union REGS r' has incomplete type and cannot be initialized

    Is this not a bit low level for DevC++...........Are you sure the compiler can do what you are asking?

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    Me again
    Well yes the DevC++ 4 Compiler is the latest version and is so known that on certain websites it DevC++ tuts are cohabitating with Borland tuts...
    But maybe you're right...However I couldn't get the Borland one to work (It didn't come with a simple setup file...).

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