Thread: Checking dependency in turbo c++

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    Checking dependency in turbo c++

    Hello to all member! I am using borland turbo c++ problem is when i run or compile a program there is message appears "checking dependencie" in a dialogue box that causes slow program execution.while before that when i run a program there was no such a message.How can i remove this? is this because of any file missing?please explain me.thanks.

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    I have no idea. Try using a compiler that's not from the stone age like gcc or Visual C++.
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    Thanks for advise.but i am using turbo c++ compiler for long and i have faced this problem many time.and if i re-install the compiler then it fix the problem.i think it is because of some file missing.

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    In any case, you might be using a completely out-of-date compiler and could do yourself a favour by using something newer (at least for new projects).
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