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    Lightbulb Student Whiteboard for homework

    Hey, I`m new to the language C++ coming from a background of Turing (I know.. I know... very basic) and PHP with bits and pieces of other languages. I am interested in making an application that allows students to connect to one another. I have a main idea for it but I would like to know what I would need to research in order to accomplish this. If I can actually accomplish this I am going to make it open source so that others make use and manipulate it as needed. With that being said I have some main ideas for the program:

    The application on each computer can act as a server if another is not found

    the right half of the window sectioned off so that there is an area to draw in the upper right corner taking up roughly a quarter of the overall window (allowing it to resize up and down also with a tool bar for undo,redo,erase,colour,size of tool) with a rough version of messenger in the bottom left corner for group discussions.

    In the left half of the overall window there is an area where the person hosting the group discussion can open a document (or even if possible open up an application within this application) so that the group can actively edit the text and work on the project collaboratively.

    I know this seems like a tall order but I am quite motivated as I feel it will be of great benefit to students.

    If you have any suggestions or help it would be greatly appreciated

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    You would need to learn:
    • More of standard C++
    • GUI programming
    • Network programming

    You could also use the Web as the GUI, possibly with the use of AJAX-type of techniques, then use a CGI library instead of doing the network programming from scratch. Of course, if you go this route, then you would effectively be replacing how you might do it in PHP with C++.
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    If you don't want to do it all from scratch you could start with an existing open source white board.
    open source white board - Google Search

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