Thread: question time (classes and pointers)

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    question time (classes and pointers)

    ok here is my following program:

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;

    class Aircraft
    int range;
    Aircraft(int r) {range = r;}
    ~Aircraft() {cout << range << endl;}

    class Airplane
    int length;
    Airplane(int l) {length = l;}
    ~Airplane() {cout << length << endl;}

    class Helicopter
    int clearance;
    Helicopter(int c) {clearance = c;}
    ~Helicopter() {cout << clearance << endl;}

    int main()
    Aircraft carrier(5);
    Airplane bowan(9);
    Helicopter apache(15);


    now the next thing that needs to be done is create a 5 element array of pointers to Aircraft. Then using the new operator, create dynamically 1 helicpoter, 3 Airplanes, and 1 Aircraft object. Than assign these objects to the elemtns of the array. Than in a loop delete each assumign delete[] can work with that?

    i understand id have to do
    Aircraft *p[5];

    but how would i go about intialising the new statements?
    i tried p[5] = new helicopter;
    but that just winds up giving me alot of errors

    how can i go about doing this?

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    You need to inherit Airplane and helicopter from Aircraft -

    class Airplane : public Aircraft

    class Helicopter : public Aircraft

    and then implement a vitual method or interface in Aircraft which is overrided in Airplane and Helicopter.


    p[5] = new helicopter;

    would work if your array had six elements.

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