Thread: replacement: please help me to solve this

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    replacement: please help me to solve this

    i've got this last year question from my senior. i've tried to solve it on my own but i think it's not suit with my level. so, anyone could please help me to write the codes as my final exam is coming soon. thank you

    here i attach together all the related files of the question
    Attachment 8787
    Attachment 8788

    kindly post the example of codes to

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    I can see many flames in your near future.

    To be honest, if you weren't so lazy you would breeze this. I had a quick look, and despite being a "newbie" to programming there is nothing in there that is particularly taxing.

    I'm sure that at least one user of the many sites that you have probably posted this on will bite and do your work for you. You should know, that if/when you get a job and you can't do the simple stuff in that test you'll get sacked, no reference and probably a bad name in the industry - so good luck with that.

    Pull your finger out and do your own work.

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    Just like BuzzBuzz said, we won't do your homework. But if you got stuck after trying it yourself, we would be happy to help.
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    How long have you had this assignment that's due on Friday? Has any member of your team done anything yet?

    Do the best you can and if it's not enough, it's not enough. If you get bailed out by someone on a forum, you'll learn nothing. And maybe what you learn is that this isn't the right field for you.

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    Looks like they got it on 5 March.

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