I'm pretty new to programming C++, having only really been doing it for a few months (with gaps in between the time I've been doing it). I've been working on a simple chat bot that basically lets you interact with it with pre-set phrases in certain ways.

I was wondering if I could integrate this with a mutator for the game Unreal Tournament 2004. Someone said that I could, because I could write a mutator for UT2004 in Unreal Script that would let me send and receive information with my C++ program, via TcpLink or UdpLink.

That way I could tell the bots in UT2004 when to say certain things, and they could tell my program when they're injured etc. And you know, the pre-set chat phrases would appear in the game based on how my program churns them out in response to different things the bot experience in game.

Anyway my question is, how difficult would it be to program in something in C++ that would let me send/ receive information via TcpLink or UdpLink? I know that Unreal Script based mutators can send/ receive messages to IRC, if that makes it any easier to answer the question.

Are there any tutorials for this kind of thing?