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    Help needed!!

    I am writing a program for a class where we have to use a while and a dowhile statement in. We have to ask the user to enter a set of numbers and then tell them the maximum number and the minimum number at the same time.

    I will have them enter the number and then ask if they want to enter another number--depending on what they enter it will either loop or kick out. I have this figured out.

    Now I will store the number they enter into a index. But what I cant figure out is how to get the max number and min number out of this index and display it for the user. Any hints/tips/suggestions.

    Thank you for your help!

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    can we see your code?

    post it in between this:

    [C O D E] (take out the spaces)

    [/C O D E] (take out spaces...)

    i just hate it when people dont use the code thingy, cuz you cant see indentation

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