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    Wink Saving IF senteces

    Hello everyone, I am following the Tips about C++ and I dont understand the tip, to avoid the use of the IF clausule, concretly the 2nd example:

    Method 2: 
    int main()
      int no;
      scanf( \"%d\", &no );
      no&1 ? printf(\"odd\"):printf(\"Even\");
    The operator & is to access to memory isn't? Can you explain me how is use it here?

    Thanks you very much.


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    The & operator is a binary operation in this example, and it's a quicker modulus operation (remainder is how you determine even/odd - % operator).

    The ? : is a ternary operation, and it's short-form for if/else statement (true/false).
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    Quote Originally Posted by dayerman View Post
      no&1 ? printf(\"odd\"):printf(\"Even\");
    That doesn't compile. You don't put a backslash before a double-quote except where you're embedding that double-quote into the string.
    However don't use ?: as a whole is statement anyway. Just use it for part of an expression that could be this or that:
      printf(no&1 ? "odd" : "Even");
    This avoids duplication.
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    I am following the Tips about C++ and I dont understand the tip, to avoid the use of the IF clausule,
    What kind of stupid "tips" are those? "How to write unreadable code"?
    All the buzzt!

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    I was going to ask the same thing. This is another case of 'clever tricks' without really giving a good understanding of how it works or in what cases it's really useful in.
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