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    Visual Studio Options


    I am just converting from using C# in Visual Studio 2005, to now using C++ in Visual Studio 2008. Previously, there were two things I noticed that were a real help, that not longer seem to occur in VS 2008 - is there a way I can enable them?

    1. When you click on one of a pair of parenthesis, the other of the pair is highlighted.
    2. During debugging, if you have a statement such as y = 5 * (x + 2), and you hover the mouse over the bracket, it will display the value of that bracket - ie. the value of x + 2.

    Any ideas on how I can bring in this functionality?


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    Any chance you could tell me how to activate the highlighting of parenthsis in VS 2005?

    Mine isn't doing that and I miss it.


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