Thread: newbie - copy constructor - trouble

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    newbie - copy constructor - trouble

    Because i need to traverse through the nodes, i create a node (s) that keep assigning itself the next node till the desired one is reached. BUT TOP IS BEING CHANGED ALSO !!! I think i need a copy constructor for this, but how ???????

    Creation : node *s = top; // top is a node also

    struct node{
    Field *fld;
    node *next;


    node (const node& incoming){


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    p.s. Field is an abstract base class

    (you can't create it, but a pointer to it may well be used)

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    To make the copy construtor, assign all of the data in the incoming node into your new node. Say you had the struct point.

    struct point
    {  int x;
        int y;
        point(point &);//copy constructor
    //definition of copy constructor
    point::point(point &incoming)
    {  x=incoming.x;

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    that still touches the original memory space.

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    This is VERY ugly and inefficient way of doing it..

    why not use pointer to traverse the nodes??? saves time (especially if it's recursive) and memory!!.

    are you traversing a linked list or a tree?

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    U. definately has the correct idea here. This is what u need to do:

    1. Create your node class

    2. Give a value to your data and create a new node on the free store that the next node points to

    3. To go through it, assign a traverser node to the head, then if you want to keep going, reassign the traverser to head's next. Continue assigning it to the current node's next to keep going through the list.

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