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    Loading image from Resource

    In my .rc file I have such:
    icon ICON "wxVertigo.ico"
    splashImage BMP "Splash.bmp"
    and the Splash.bmp file IS included within the binary, when I check the size to tell, but I have no idea how to access this image as a resource!

    How do I access this image for use in my program? E.G. using it in image handling functions?

    -Thank You!

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    LoadImage() might be what you're looking for, since you're including it in a windows resource file.

    If you're looking to use it with wx functions, however, you might poke around and see if wx has a method of pulling from resources (I think they provide a few examples?). If they don't, you can use the more generic call LoadResource() to load it into memory, and then use the appropriate wx functions to transform it into something the wx API can use.
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