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    Question about classes

    Im just messing around with classes and im creating a checking account type deal.

    I have the program prompt the user for their:

    than it displays their information plus the balance

    i have everything inside an inline function
    and a while loop that keeps prompting the user if they have another transaction.

    My problem is whenever i call the function from main the balance is automatically set to 0.

    I dont have the program on me so i dont know if that would help more but basically inside the function i have balance intialized to 0 and after the deposit is read in i have balance = balance + deposit, but im assuming since the function goes out of scope everything is set back to 0?

    any ideas on how i can keep a running balance inside a class?

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    The best way to attack this is with a static variable member....

    Declare the variable static;

    static int m_cx;
    And its running value will not be reset to 0 when the object goes out of scope

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