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    Using the degree sign

    I am trying to write a small programme that converts from Celsius to Fahrenheit. I want to use the degree programme and I don't know how I can get it displayed. Any help is appreciated.

    PS: I mean how do you get it to display. So, for example you have cout << and you want to display it<<

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    It may not work for you, but I get a degree sign by holding down ALT and typing 248 on the numeric keypad (if numlock is enabled). Like this:

    However, it does depend on the font and the "code-page" (which translates the "ASCII" codes to glyphs).

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    If you mean how can you print the symbol, I do it like this:

    cout << static_cast<char>(248) << endl;

    Check a ASCII table for the value of the symbol you want to print, and then use static_cast<char>(number of symbol you want to print) to do it.

    Note that this is the only way I know how to do it, so there might be a better alternative.

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