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    Question Switch??


    I was wondering why this part of a switch function does not pause to get user input.

    		case 1:
    			cout << endl << "CREATE YOUR CHARACTER" << endl;
    			cout << "------------------------------" << endl << endl;
    			cout << "Enter your player's name: ";
    			getline(cin, mName);
    			cout << endl << endl;
    Can someone please provide some enlightenment. Thanks very much. I appreciate it.

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    It has nothing to do with switch, and all to do with "how input works". I'm pretty sure that somewhere shortly before the switch(input) line, you have something lile
    cin >> input;
    This, like scanf() in C, will leave a newline in the input stream. You need to read that newline out of the input stream before you do getline() [since getline will read everything up to the next newline, and if there is already a newline in the input stream, it will say "Ah, ok, you didn't want anything else in the strign, then..."].

    cin.ignore(1000, '\n');
    will do that.

    Edit: Note, if someone fell asleep on the spacebar key and there are 1000+ spaces after the 1, then it will still fail. But I think that is unlikely enough to not worry about today - someone will surely show us how you make it "the largest ever number".

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