Thread: new to object oriented!!!!

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    new to object oriented!!!!

    hii i m new to object oriented programming and now want your help that what is the best way to learn it quickly obviously by practise but what kind of programs can any one give me idea of any program so that i implement it for my better practise..mind it that i already implemented some simple programs and now i want some hard job..!!thanxx

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    It is pretty pointless to give someone a program to implement that this person is not interested in.

    You could of course do all sorts of simple things:
    • Calculator
    • Calendar
    • Address book
    • CD/MP3 collection database
    • Simple text editor (like Notepad in Windows or even simpler).

    All of which will teach you a fair bit about objects and programming in general.

    But really, to make it sensible, you should find something that YOU would LIKE to do - and them implement it.

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    Supplement your practice with a good book, like this.

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