Thread: complex class imp?

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    complex class imp?


    I'm only a c programmer and have only had brushes with c++ and OO, so I came across this nice diagram in wikipedia which is generated from given c++ and would like to get it to compile.

    However, it requires a complex class implementation, which I don't understand too well. I like to thing of a class merely as a set of structs with functions also included. That's my highly uninformed opinion.

    But I don't want to discuss what a class is, merely how to get a complex number one into that program. I jogged off to the GNU GMP, even if it's overkill, I thought it would at least have what I'm looking for. I had trouble finding a complex class implementation in there, so I dropped it.

    Can anybody set me on the right path here, sorry that I'm so hazy on the terminology.

    May be I can just build the class myself ... there are examples I can follow .. but all I would do is generate the struct (two floats) and include the constructor and destructor ... and that's all?

    Maybe some knows of a link to this problem? Cheers!

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    I have to say, I never used complex number.
    I'm pretty sure, however, it is supported natively in C++. You'll have to include the header file <complex>, and the class is named std::complex.
    This source code seems to be pre-standard C++, where you could for instance include iostream.h, and it would not be loaded into the std namespace.

    So I guess the code works if you add #include <complex> and "using std::complex;"

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    The standard complex class is likely a template, so you may need to do something like:
    complex<double> var;
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    thanks EVOEx and matsp,

    those bits of advice helped me get there in the end, though I've definitely unsure of my feet in c++.

    This source code seems to be pre-standard C++
    Haha! its very C yes! Now you know why chose it! Heigh up, I said, some C++ I understand!

    I have to say, I never used complex number.
    the joys that await you ...

    Many thanks both.

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