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    Help With Dice Game

    Thank You So Much For All The Help
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    In case you didn't notice, there's an error here so it wouldn't even compile:

    if (sum % 2 == 0)
                   if (even==1)
                   {eve n=even+1;
    Also, there's some "confusions". Instead of having all those functions, forget about even and uneven variables.

    Have a variable for dice1, dice2 and sum of both dices.

    Make a function (bool) that receives an integer and returns true if it's even, false if it isn't.

    When you want do add the points, use the function to check if the sum of both dices is even. If true, increment player1 score. Else, increment player2.

    Also, you don't really need to call the Dice function with three attributes, do you?
    Why don't you just make function Dice return the sum of both dices, and move from there?

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