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    Unhappy help plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    can any body solve these problems for meeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i ve the deadline of tomorow evening only to solve these ...

    Program 1:

    Write a program in C language that displays the pressed character, thrice. That is if I press a character, it will display it three times on the screen. Also the character should be displayed in red color. Your program should remain in execution until key q is pressed.

    You have to accomplish this task by using int86() function and interrupt 0x10H.

    Program 2:

    Write a TSR program is C language that displays the status of NUM lock, CAPS lock and INSERT key on the upper right corner of the screen with white background. That is if NUM lock is ON then it should print NUM and same for CAPS lock and INSERT key. For example:

    When NUM lock is ON:

    When NUM, CAPS and INSERT lock is ON:

    Program 3:

    Write a program that should modify the typematic rate of the keyboard. It should change the delay to 1/4 second and typematic rate to 2 characters per second.
    Program 4:

    Write a timer program that displays the current time on the upper right corner of the screen. The TSR program should run in the back ground.

    You will need to intercept Int 8 for this purpose. It occurs 18.2 times in a second approximately. Use this information to update time. Get the initial time through some datetime functions in C. Also the program should run in background such that the user will be free to run any application in the foreground.

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    What have you done so far?

    [And why anyone would still want to use old DOS style interrupts to achieve any of this, I don't know - learning how an "operating system" that went out of fashion some 15 years ago works seems pretty pointless, especially as it hasn't got any of the features of a modern OS!]

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    This is such an absurdly blatant violation of the homework policy that I'm just going to close the thread.

    1) "help plzzzzzzzzzzzzz" is not an acceptable thread title
    2) We don't do your work.
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