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    Directory Existance

    Hi, I'm struggling with how to check to see if the users computer has a certain directory. What i'm doing is making the directory, but I don't want to do it if it already exists. The way I'm making it is below :

    // define variables :
    string path = "\\testingdir";
    string command_mkdir = "mkdir " + path;

    // make the directory :

    I want to put the bottom line in an "if statement", so it only makes the directory if it doesn't exist. Can someone please give me a little help?


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    Try this:
    #include <io.h>
    bool file_exists(char *filename);
    int main(void)
       char filename[81] = "file.txt";
       if (!file_exists(filename))
          cout << "File " << filename << " not found.\n";
       return 0;
    bool file_exists(char *filename)
       if (access(filename,0) == 0)
          return true;
       return false;

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    I assume this is an MS operating system, with those \\ chars

    This is one way.
    Every directory has a pseudo file called nul in it (which you cant see, but it's there)

    int main ( ) {
      FILE *fp = fopen( "foo\\nul", "r" );
      if ( fp ) {
        fclose( fp );
        printf( "Yes\n" );
      } else {
        printf( "No\n" );
      return 0;
    Basically, if the nul file exists, so does the directory

    You could also use the stat() function if your compiler supports it, or maybe even the findfirst() DOS/windows function

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    Smile Thanks Salem

    Thanks Salem, I had no idea there was a null file in every directory. That works perfectly.

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