Thread: Multiple command line arguments with switches

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    Question Multiple command line arguments with switches

    Is it possible to have more than just one type of command line arguments? What I mean by that is, for example: If I wanted to make a program that replaces words in some files, input in command line would look something like this:
    replace -f [file1.txt, file2.txt, file3.txt] -w [ten, twenty] -n [10, 20]
    "replace" is the name of a program, "-f" would represent file name parameters , "-w" would represent words that need to be replaced, "-n" would represent words with which "-w" parameters were to be replaced.

    I now that for just one set of parameters I can use:
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    But what if I want to differentiate few kinds of parameters by adding switches?

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    You still use the same parameters to main, you just have to parse them more strictly. So you would check an argument to see if it starts with '-'. If it does then get the next character to see what argument type it is. So if it is f, then each argument after that is a file until you find an argument that starts with '-' again.

    With enough logic you can do what you want.

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    There's a nice function in some gnu library called getopt(). Look up that, it might be helpful.
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    Ok, thank you both.

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    Well with a text substitution program i'd rather supply a list of words to replace and their replacements in the form of a file, to be honest.

    could be really simple:

    Riker, Shana

    what have you.

    In general if the CLI can stay simple, then that makes for a easier to use program.
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