Thread: Struct question... difference between passing to function...

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    Struct question... difference between passing to function...

    Whats the difference between passing a struct by reference/not?

    struct editStruct (struct x)
    struct editStruct (struct &x)

    What are the differences in passing these two?

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    as far as I know, passing something by reference passes a pointer so that any changes made in the function are actually made to the variable, whereas without the & means that any changes are lost unless the variable is returned at the end and saved.

    I assume that it is the same with structs...

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    Weirdly, finding a tutorial to explain references seems hard... the word "reference" is just too overloaded.

    Anyway, what do you know of references? What about say, passing an int by reference?
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    Declare a really big struct.
    Call a function lots of times.
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    wont one edit the value(&) and permanenlty change it wherease the other jsut copies and uses the value. im thinking the same as passing to functions here

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    Ok the people saying passing by reference lets you change the actual value, whereas not makes a copy are correct I believe.

    [edit3] - Found the answer to my second Q, thanks though CornedBee.
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    Create a new thread for a new topic, please.
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