Thread: How to copy a C struct to a C++ class?

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    How to copy a C struct to a C++ class?

    C++ Witch:

    I found this in a google search for how to copy a C struct to a C++ class.

    This seems closer to what I need to know than anything I have found.


    I have a library (ancio, from PNNL, written by Jason Christy) that will read a netCDF file into a C struct. It is general code that will read any netCDF file into a C struct named data. I do not understand C well enought to only copy those parts (of the program and the header file).

    I want to then copy that C struct, include the contents, into a C++ class. I want to do that so that I can output the C struct contents into a ROOT Ttree (from CERN). The Ttree is written to accept C structs, but the over head of offsets, etc is automatically determine from a C++ class.

    I have compiled the ancio library using C++ (very few modifications were required, mostly () , and moving a definition). So using C++ I want to include the headers I need, that is ROOT includes for creating Ttrees, the netCDF header, the ancio.h, and using the small amount of C code that I have been able to write (using a few printf(some pointer to the C data struct) convincing myself that I have opened the netCDF file, and read its contents into the data struct.
    It will be extern "C" {
    my code to open the netCDF file, create *dataP, and then 
    }  //end extern C
    C++ code here to create, open and write to a Ttree //examples abound on the internet
    the copy *dataP to class data
    then convert netCDF storage types to Ttree types
    then close the file.
    So that is what I want to do. I have read every available C++ book I can find at Borders
    and searched the internet, and nothing seems to have the answer.

    You seem to be closer to it here than I have been.

    Thanking you in advance.

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    This thread was split from copy struct contents by bandal27.

    I changed my mind about placing this in the C programming forum as this seems more towards the C++ side of things.
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