Thread: What is Visual C++ saying?

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    What is Visual C++ saying?

    Okay, so I am making a text RPG, and for some reason the Player object makes this error:
    player.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall PLAYER::SetAmo(int)" (?SetAmo@PLAYER@@QAEXH@Z)
    C:\Documents and Settings\Glitch\Desktop\Games\Skets series\Skets in CRYSTAL BOND\Release\Skets in CRYSTAL BOND.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals
    I don't get it at all, does anyone know if they can help me, Player's code is:
    //Player behavior
    class PLAYER
    		int level;
    		int gems;	//Gems are money
    		int exp;
    			int atk;	//Attack
    			int def;	//Defence
    			int spd;	//Speed
    			int hlt;	//Health
    			int amo;	//Laser Energy
    			int MaxHlt;		//Maxium Health
    			int MaxAmo;		//Maxium Laser Energy
    		void SetName(char* newname);
    		void GetName();
    			void SetGems(int newgems);
    			void AddGems(int value);
    			int GetGems();
    		//Current Health and Laser Energy
    			void SetHlt(int newhlt);	//Health
    			void AddHlt(int value);
    			int GetHlt();
    			void SetAmo(int newAmo);		//Laser Energy
    			void AddAmo(int value);
    			int GetAmo();
    			void SetAtk(int newatk);	//Attack
    			int GetAtk();
    			void SetDef(int newdef);	//Defence
    			int GetDef();
    			void SetSpd(int newspd);	//Speed
    			int GetSpd();
    			void SetExp(int newexp);	//Experience
    			void AddExp(int addexp);
    			int GetExp();
    			void SetMaxHlt(int newMaxHlt);	//Max Health
    			int GetMaxHlt();
    			void SetMaxAmo(int newMaxAmo);	//Max Laser Energy
    			int GetMaxAmo();
    Thanks in advanced, no need to break the code down, I mainly want to know what error Visual C++ is giving me.

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    You have, probably, not defined the function SetAmo for that class.

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    It means that SetAmmo isn't defined anywhere that the linker knows to look.

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    player.obj : error LNK2001: The public class member function SetAmo that takes an int that is located in the class PLAYER was not found. Please implement it.
    C:\Documents and Settings\Glitch\Desktop\Games\Skets series\Skets in CRYSTAL BOND\Release\Skets in CRYSTAL BOND.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 function could not be found.
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    It means you declared SetAmo(int) but failed to define it.

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    One mistake I make quite often that can result is that when the function is defined I forget to mark it as a member function.

    //void SetAmo(int newAmo) {...}
    void PLAYER::SetAmo(int newAmo) {...}
    As to the general design of the class, well that's how tutorials often teach it. Hide members and provide accessors for everything.

    However, it also shows that this class is supposed to be entirely controlled from the outside and the only purpose it serves is hiding the data, hence making external controlling more awkward.

    I don't mean that you should make the members public, but might instead consider moving some of the functionality into the class. What you should see as a result are method names that describe actual actions (attack, defend, level_up, buy_ammo etc) rather than name manipulations of particular member variables. (Getters are somewhat more acceptable - you may want to query the class for info -, but abundance of setters indicates that the class might not be doing much useful.)
    I might be wrong.

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