Thread: Sudoku 4 by 4 combination lister?

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    Sudoku 4 by 4 combination lister?

    I am trying to make a c++ program to list all possible combinations for a 4x4 sudoku square. This is how a 4x4 sudoku works (if you don't already know),

    You have 16 numbers that make a square, each one is a different number 1-16. All numbers in row, column, and diagonal have to add up to 34, and the 4 squares have to add up to 34. Example:

    1 4 14 15
    13 16 2 3
    8 5 11 10
    12 9 7 6

    So I'm trying to make a program that will find all the possible combinations, store them in a multidimensional array, and then print out a few of them to make sure it works.

    Does anybody have any tips for me on how I could accomplish this? Or has anybody made/could make a program that already does this that I could look off of and learn from?

    Thanks a lot.

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    This has nothing to do with a Sudoku or even a part thereof. They never involve suming up values, they only have to be unique per square.
    I suggest changing your thread title (if possible).
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    I believe that is called a magic square. I remember there was a nice tutorial on how to list them recursively (and what optimizations and shortcuts are available), but I haven't been able to find it lately.
    I might be wrong.

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