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    C++/Fortran on AIX

    Dear all,

    My C++ program, which calls various Fortran functions (using wrappers), works very well on Windows and Sun Solaris, but crashes badly on AIX.

    All arguments in the wrapper are correct, but at the first Fortran instruction it badly crashes.

    Can this be due to the size of integers/doubles/... ? I know that AIX is a 64-bit machine, whereas I've always tested it on 32-bit machines.

    Could anyone enlighten me? Thank you very much!


    edit: Of course I do re-compile and re-link all of the code..
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    Did you just guess there was a size problem, or did you try to construct a really simple test case to test your idea?

    Crawl through that code one instruction at a time using a debugger, and figure out exactly what the size/alignment issue is. When you know that, you should be able to fix the main code.
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