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    typedef CApaApplication*(* TApaApplicationFactory::TFunction)();
    Can you tell me what is this? Is it a synonym for CApaApplication class?

    What does the (*TApaApplicationFactory::TFunction)() mean? I don't understand the * operator before the TApaApplicationFactory class and () after TFunction.

    Can you simplify it?

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    This defines TApaApplicationFactory::TFunction as a new type. It is a pointer to a function that returns a pointer to a CApaApplication object.

    (Using "old-style" "C *" thinking, then you're looking at (*TApaApplicationFactory::TFunction) must be a function (because of the ()) that returns a CApaApplication*; since dereferencing returns a function, the thing itself must be a pointer to a function.)

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    It declares TFunction to be an alias of the type of a TApaApplicationFactory member function that takes no arguments and returns a pointer to CApaApplication.

    Wait a minute... I recall that the * is after the class name, and checking with my compiler, it appears that the typedef example is invalid.

    EDIT #2:
    For a positive example of what I was talking about:
    class X
        void foo() {}
    typedef void (X::*F)();
    int main()
        F f = &X::foo;
        X x;
    Grr... I rarely work with member function pointers and had to take a few tries to get it right.
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