Thread: How to debug into a library's source file in GDB

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    How to debug into a library's source file in GDB

    I was wondering how to specify the source files directory of a library to GDB so that I can step into the library source. Thanks!

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    If the library is compiled with debug info, it should happen by "automagic" - if it's not compiled with debug info, there's not much you can do other than recompile the library WITH debug info.

    There are also some settings in GDB that needs to be correct to allow it to find source-code, but this only really makes a difference if you have MOVED the source after you first built it [or you have a ready-built library that doesn't have the source in the same place].

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    Thanks! What are the "settings in GDB"?

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    Some more specific information on GDB files within the GDB program

    Try typing "help" within the debugger and see what more information you can dig up that way as well.
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