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    Node switching help

    Hi. I am trying to implement a huffman binary tree for class. Each node has 3 pointers: left, right, and back to parent. I cannot for the life of me figure out why my code won't work for switching two nodes:

    void huffmanTree::switchNodes(treeNode *& T1, treeNode *& T2)
        treeNode * temp1 = T1->back;
        treeNode * temp2 = T2->back;
       if(T1 == temp1->right)
            temp1->right = T2;
            temp1->left = T2;
        if(T2 == temp2->right)
            temp2->right = T1;
            temp2->left = T1;
        T1->back = temp2;
        T2->back = temp1;
    I tried getting it to work with a three node tree (switching the two external nodes). If i explicitly use the root member pointer

    root->left = T1;
    root->right = T2;

    or whatever, i can get it to work, but i don't see why the above won't.

    EDIT: Delete this thread, found the problem in the above code.
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