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    Exclamation need to calculate it tonight

    I need to calcualate the maximum safe depth a diver can dive. this is the information i have....
    pressure increases 4.3lbs/(in*in) for every 10ft of descent
    pressures of more than 65lbs/(in*in) are dangerous

    Can anyone help me find the depth, i have the rest of the program ready...but i cant do the calculations

    #include <iostream> // for input and output
    #include <string> // for strings
    using namespace std;

    //constant declarations
    //all variables are named constants, no input needed
    const string TITLE = "Maximum Safe Diving Depth for Non-Professional Divers"; // title

    int main()

    float inch = 12; // inches
    float pressureIncrease = 4.3 / (inch * inch); // pressure increases
    float pressureMax = 65 / (inch * inch); // dangerous pressure level

    // Processing
    float safeDepth =

    // Output
    cout << endl << endl; // prints 2 lines
    cout << TITLE << endl << endl; // prints title
    cout << "Maximum Safe Diving Depth is: " << safeDepth << " feet"
    << endl << endl;

    return 0;

    } //end of program

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    this is a relatively simple question.. are you sure you haven't thought about this yourself?

    float feetPerIncrease = 10.0;
    float safeDepth = pressureMax / pressureIncrease * feetPerIncrease;

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    damn! i hate it when the board doesn't know it's me bloody cookies!

    Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur.
    Whatever is said in Latin sounds profound.

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    thanks a ton
    i guess i am too tired to think....but you are right it was purty easy!
    Thanks again!

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