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    How do I get my data struc program to enter input about 12 players. I just can not seem to get it. My code below only enters one player. I think I understand the concept but can't seem to make it work.

    // Write a prg that stores info. about a soccer player in a struc.
    // The program should keep an array of 12 of these structures.
    // Each element is for a different player on a team.
    // When the program runs it should ask the user to enter the info for
    // each player. It should the show a table that lists eahc player's
    // number, name, and points scored.
    // The program should also calculate and display the total points
    // earned by the team.
    // The number and name of player that has earned the most points should also
    // be displayed.

    // My current program only does one person. How do I make the array loop
    //through each element for all 12 players.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <iostream.h>

    struct player
    char name[35];
    int no;
    int point;

    // struct player soccer[12]; My array to enter 12 players
    // int i;
    // for (i=0, i<12; i++) My loop to enter 12 player info.

    void getData(player *);

    void main(void)
    player soccer;
    cout<<"Enter player data:\n";
    cout <<"\n This is what you entered:\n";

    // now display the data scored in soccer

    cout<<"Name: " << <<endl;
    cout <<"Number: "<< <<endl;
    cout <<"Point: " << soccer.point << endl;

    // Def of function getData useds a pointer to a player stucture
    // variable. The user enters into, which is stored in the variable

    void getData(player *p)
    cout << "Player's name: ";
    cin.getline(p->name, 35);
    cout <<"Player's number: ";
    cin.ignore (); //ignore the leftover new line.
    cout <<"Points scored by player: ";

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    #define NUM_PLAYERS 12
    player soccer[NUM_PLAYERS];
    for(int i = 0; i < NUM_PLAYERS; i++)
    for(i = 0; i < NUM_PLAYERS; i++)
        cout<<"Name: " << soccer[i].name <<endl;
        cout <<"Number: "<< soccer[i].no <<endl;
        cout <<"Point: " << soccer[i].point << endl;
    hope this helps
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    I wonder if.....

    you are using the starting out with C++ book 3rd edition by Tony Gaddis?

    Reminds me of a problem when I took it at a CC in Maine.

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    bringing this back from the dead....

    when you compile this you get many would you fix it so it doesnt have any??

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    struct mystruct
        string players;
    int main()
        cout << "enter info" << endl;
        getline( cin, player[1].players, '\n');
        cout << player[1].players << endl;
        //etc with [1], [2], [3]  so fourth, use a for loops to
        //fill and display them.
    will need to include <string> of course
    and you can add your other elements in the struct wont make a
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    code tags are your friends
    I'm a beginner C++ programmer, but I have studied HTML and Java. So if you need to help me I should catch on fast =)

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    > bringing this back from the dead....
    Then you should learn to read the bloody rules before opening your mouth

    Especially the one about bumping threads.
    Like this one, which has been in the boneyard for 3 years.
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