Thread: How do you manage things?

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    Question How do you manage things?

    How do you manage C++ classes for reusable-code purpose?

    Since performance is the top priority for me, there is duplicated class names for their special purpose, for instance:
    - Node, with single link.
    - Node, with double link.
    - Node, with multiple link (a.k.a. Vertex).

    As well as String:
    - String for appending (back only).
    - String for appending (front/back), and insertion.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Nothing wrong with having different classes with different trade-offs. If you can write these trade-offs as template policies, it might increase your implementation code reuse, but that's a different issue.

    The important thing here is concepts. For example, define what it means to be a string. Define the essential operations that all strings must support, and exactly how these things are done. Then you can write template functions that can take any string - as long as it conforms to these requirements.

    The STL is founded on this principle. Compare deque and vector - they're both models of the Random Access Container concept, but with different trade-offs.
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