Thread: Figure out how method was called?

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    Figure out how method was called?

    Is there a way to figure out whether a method was called internally (from another method in the file) or externally (from another file)? Or alternatively, whether or not a method will return to an internal call or an external one?

    Obviously I could add some fake boolean parameter to my methods and just send true or false depending upon where I call it but if I'm fixed with certain method structures I can't do that.
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    Why do you want to know? Shouldn't a method always do the same thing, given the same input (unless it is meant to do somewhat random things, or get user input or the like), and not care where it was called from?

    Otherwise, wouldn't that be something the debugger can tell you (if you need it for debugging)?
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    I'm with Anon.

    If you need to do different things when you are calling from another member function, then you should have two private/protected functions and one public function which calls one form of the private function, and the "from within the class" calls the other private function (which may then call the first private function if it makes sense, after or before it does the "internal call only" part).

    Edit: By making functions private you can ensure that they are not being called from outside of the class itself - so only member or friend functions can use that function.

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