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    Exclamation Size of function arguments?

    Hello everyone,

    Lets say I have a struct that is would be like 6k in size when its full. I need to pass about 1k of the data to a function...

    void sendinfo(struct sixk data);


    void sendinfo(int sixk.data1, intsixk.data2);

    Anyway, the question is, would passing just the data I need to send result in a performance increase? Just wanted to check if there was anything I haven't thought about. Thanks.


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    sending 6k of data instead of 12k should improve performance on some level, and maybe you might even notice it. But how about passing just four bytes of data to do the same thing? That's the memory cost of sending a pointer! It's also one of the reasons pointers are considered so powerful.

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    Another way would be to declare your function argument as a pointer to the struct type, then you can acess any data item in the struct you need

    void sendinfo(struct sixk *data);

    when you call the function you use the structure concerned as the argument.


    now data can acess all elements of mystruct using the -> operator.
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    Ahh, pointers!
    Lol, I completely forgot about pointers =)
    Thanks very much for the advice, will probably speed up my program a lot.


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