Thread: Need help making a program keep going.

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    Question Need help making a program keep going.

    I'm just getting started in programming, and i'm trying to make a program that would have a " conversation" with the user. The idea is that it uses a set of if-then statements to respond to a person's input, but every time, after the first comment, the program ends. What I need to know is how to make the program respond to the person's response.

    Command Promp: Hi, I'm the computer. What's your name?
    Person: Ted or BIll

    (if ted, the computer says "Hey, I had a broter named ted.
    If Bill, the computer says "Bill, like the old president?")

    The problem is, that here, I don't know how to let the person respond to the computer's statement.

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    So what have you done so far?

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    Show us what you have so far. Lots of folks on this forum want to know how to do this too.
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