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    splitting up files

    hi, i have a input file for my program and its full of the same typ of structure, ive put an example below. I would idealy like to carve out the data inbetween <gg> and </gg> but so far im having trouble as the data can be varying length. So far I can find the occurance of the begining of the string but i dont know how to read the data until it reaches the ending criteria. I hope that made sense

    <gg>ADADDADADADADA </gg><gg>ADADDADADADffffADA </gg><gg>ADADDDA </gg>

    string line;
    string str = "<gg>"
                   getline (infile,line);      	      
    	        size_t found;
    		if (  found = line.find(str));

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    So just find the next string, then use substr() to grab the portion between (you'll have to do some math to adjust for the length of the respective search items).

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