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    Question comparison problems...


    I am trying to do a comparison between a variable passed into a function and a pointer. The function is within a class that I set up called SortedType:

    class SortedType
    SortedType(); // default constructor
    SortedType(int); // regular constructor
    void MakeEmpty(); // set list to empty
    bool IsEmpty(); // test for an empty list (true if empty)
    bool IsFull(); // test for a full list (true if full)
    bool RetrieveItem (student&); // retrieve an item matching the key field
    bool InsertItem(student); // add item to the list in order by key field
    bool DeleteItem (student); // delete an item matching the key field
    void ResetList(); // set next pointer to beginning of list
    bool GetNextItem(student&); // get next sequential item
    int length; // number of items in list plus subscript of next add
    int currentPos; // item to retrieve on Get Next Item function
    int maxItems; // from user constructor for size of array
    int location; // location of student* info
    bool moreToSearch; // returns true if greater or false if less
    student* info; // pointer to the student array

    the function is called InsertItem:

    bool SortedType::InsertItem(student item)
    if (length >= maxItems)
    return false;

    location = 0;
    moreToSearch = (location < length);

    while (moreToSearch)
    if (item < info[location])
    moreToSearch = false;
    moreToSearch = (location < length);

    for (int index = length; index > location; index--)
    info[index] = info[index - 1];

    info[location] = item;
    return true;

    Basically, it does not like this statement:
    if (item < info[location]) and gives me this error message: "no match for 'student& < student&'".

    What is wrong with this statement?

    Thank you!


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    Looks like you have to write your own comparison fn for 'student'
    by defining fns for the comparison operators ie there is no default comparison for 'student' types.

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    Thumbs up Thanks!

    Thanks Ken!

    I thought about it and put in a ".Key" notation for comparing the key fields and it worked. I thought originally it would go character by character and do the comparison.

    Thanks for your help!

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