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    stream object

    Hello, rather new to C++, but I need a solution to stream an object in C++.
    I tried the following code, and wanted to store the object dt in memory buffer, and read it back into newdt.
    But nothing changed in the newdt.
    Wat did I do wrong?
    class DataClass : public TStreamableBase {
        int a;
        int b;
        DECLARE_STREAMABLE(  , DataClass,1);
    void* DataClass::Streamer::Read(ipstream& in, uint32) const
      ReadBaseObject(static_cast<DataClass*>(GetObject()), in);
      in >> GetObject()->a >> GetObject()->b;
      return GetObject();
    void DataClass::Streamer::Write(opstream& out) const
      	WriteBaseObject(static_cast<DataClass*>(GetObject()), out);
    	out << GetObject()->a << GetObject()->b;
    void main(){
        //FILE *fp;
        char * buffer[100];
        int stop;
        DataClass dt;
        DataClass newdt;
        printf(" Initial Contence of the buffer newtd is: %d, %d \n",newdt.a,newdt.b);
        streambuf bf((char *)(&newdt), sizeof(DataClass));
        ptbf = &bf;
        opstream outpstr(ptbf);
        ipstream inpstr(ptbf);
        ModuleId mid = GetModuleId();
        outpstr.writeObject(&dt, 1,  mid);
        inpstr.readBytes(&newdt, sizeof(DataClass));
        printf(" Contence of the buffer newtd is: %d, %d \n",newdt.a,newdt.b);

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    You might want to give more context since you are using components that do not come from the standard library. For example, what library/framework are you using?
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    I use Borland C++ 5, under Windows (want to switch to old DOS, 80186 code) and used object stream objstrm.h...if that's what you asked me...

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