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    simple array question

    I don't know how to put this in a form of a question but for example, doesn't a sample array initiation "int array[4];" hold 5 elements because the elements start from array[0]?

    so the array broken down would be:
    array[0] , array[1] , array[2] , array[3] , array[4], right?

    if so, then why do I get a page fault error from this code?
    any help is appreciated.



    int main(void)
    int array[4];

    for(int x=0; x<=4; x++)
    array[x] = x;

    return 0;


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    no, the number you put in the declaration is the number of elements, not the index of the highest element.
    In other words, int ar[4]; gives 4 elements from ar[0]to ar[3].
    Ciao Al

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    Heh. It was answered.
    int array [5];

    means you can have
    array[0, 1, 2, 3, 4] and nothing more.

    So, if the size of the array is n, the max storage place is n-1 and the array's first storage place is 0.

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