Thread: Useing a single dimension array as a multi simension one

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    Useing a single dimension array as a multi simension one

    Ive been told that the computer can seek a number in a single dimension array faster than it can in say a 4d one, I cant seem to figure out how to index to the right number in the 1d one though?

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    You might be getting thrown off by the fact that an array is zero based...
    therefore to access it by row and col or any other discard the 0 element and make the array greater by 1...
    see this sample

    int rows = 10;
    int cols   = 10;
    int *myArray;
    myArray = new int[rows * cols + 1];
    0 -ignored
    myArray[3 * 10l] = 30;
    will assign the value 30 to the 31st item or item index 30...
    in a two dimensional array this would be item[2][9]....3rd row 10th column....

    or to loop through the items..
    the following code assigns each index a value equal to it's index
    starting at 1 and ending at n
             myArray[i*10 + j] = ((i *10) + j);

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