Thread: don't want to show source

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    don't want to show source


    I have a question, Every time I run my program I need to open it with the source
    code that i have made. My question is, Is it possible to run my program without
    opening the source so that no one can see how do I created the program?

    please help me!


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    Your compiler creates an executable file somewhere whenever you compile your code. You can use your system's file browser to open that file without seeing any code. What's so secret? It doesn't sound like you work for the Pentagon.
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    You should know that for the most part, there is no way to truly make your code invisible, because eventually the cpu HAS to process it, and anything the CPU can process, humans can process (given a little time).

    Like CodeMonkey said, distribute the executable that is made by the compiler, it is dumped in the project directory somewhere when you compile.

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    Why on earth would you need your source code to run your program?
    What kind of strange C++ compiler are you using?
    Once you compile your code into a binary executable, that's it, you just run the executable. No source code is required unless you want to make a change and re-compile it.
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    When you run your program from an IDE (where it shows your source code) it creates an executable (exe) usually in the same folder or under/bin/Debug/ or /bin/Release/ etc. then it runs it automatically.

    They can't see exe source code. Just bits an pieces, and assembly calls which most people don't understand, let alone have the time to compile into source code.

    You should also give open source more thought. You'll probably like the concept eventually.
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