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    problem with an equation...

    ok so i am doing this course on c++ and have been doing fairly well up to date... im only on the second chapter...

    so here is where i need help...

    #include <iostream.h>
    int main()
    	int speed;
    	cout<<"Enter the average speed: ";
    	cout<<"The trip to school will take "<<(insert the equation here)<<" minutes."<<endl;
    	return (0);
    here is the questions...

    The distance to school is 32km. Write a program that asks 6the user for an average speed in kilometers per hour, and then display the time in minutes required for the trip at this speed. The program output should look like this.

    Enter the average speed: 88
    The trip to school will take 21.8 minutes.

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    This is elementary physics

    Start with
    distance = velocity * time

    Rearrange the formula to suit the problem

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